We are a family company operating on a food and agricultural market. Since 2007 we have been a five-person Group of Fruit and Vegetables Producers.
The first steps in agriculture were made by our grandparents on a 8 – hectare area over sixty years ago; today we administer the acreage of over 1000  hectares.

We offer products made of our own crops. Due to that their quality is fully under our control. In 2008 we stored about 5000 tons of the gathered crops in freezer. In 2009 that number rose to about 10 000 tons. Thanks to that we are  able to deliver good quality fresh vegetables for a long time.
We have a highly efficient technological line which can wash, polish, and sort according to length and thickness; what is more, we possess machines which pack products into plastic bags, raschel mesh bags, nets, carry bags and crates. It allows us to prepare a product adapted to individual needs of our clients.  We provide regular deliveries of the homogeneous product.
We follow the rules of Good Production Practice and Good Hygiene Practice in all stages of production from harvest to sale.
We use, inter alia, our own delivery cars providing punctual transport in freezers.

The products in our offer are carrot and onion, which we have grown since 2003 and parsley which we have grown since 2008. We cooperate with wholesale clients and chain stores. At the same time we don’t neglect the recipients of industrial raw material, such as manufacturers  producing juices, dried vegetables, vegetable cubes or frozen food.
We invite to cooperation.

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